Schuld sind die Männer – nicht der Koran


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Zur Situation der muslimischen Frau
«It’s the fault of men – not of the Koran» which is responsible for the «situation of Moslem women» is the title of this book. The actual discussions of the situation of Moslem women living in either the oriental or the occidental world grave rise to the idea of compiling a special book serving this purpose. the first part of it contains six papers, the second part is an annotated catalogue of important relevant publications, and the third part shows an extraordinary collection of postcards.
The opening chapter «The Muslima between modernity and tradition» by Marc-Edouard Enay introduces the topic on the intellectual level of a westerner having much understanding for: the shortcomings in the Islamic system.
The second paper «Moslem women in the web» by Karin Hörner reports the activities of western Moslem women groups in the world wide web.
The third paper «Emancipation movements in the Maghreb» rom Donata Kinzelbach and Esther Kraus gives some informations on Algeria, Marocco and Tunisia.
The fourth paper «One pious woman is better than a thousand bad men – Women in the Sufi tradition»by Annemarie Schimmel gives a short account of female sufis.
The fifth paper «A guidepost to the education of women in the 19th century: Rifà’a at-Tahtàwi» is an important treatise of Wiebke Walther whose approach to the Egyptian reformer shows the influence of western education and the efforts which this gentlemen took for promoting the education of Moslem women.
The last paper «It’s the fault of men – not of the Koran» gives Marc-Edouard Enay’s personal view to the everlasting discussion concerning Moslem women mentioning the enormous output of attitudes dealing with this topic not only by oriental scholars but also by sociologists, economists, journalists, etc. thus forming a transition to the second part of this book.
The second part, containing an annotated bibliography for the topic «The situation of the Moslem» is divided into three sections. in the first section «I. The oriental view» contains books of Moslem writers whether the second section «II. The European view» contains those of European descent.
The third section contains three indices.
The third part dealing with a large collection of postcards is introduced by an article of Marc-Edouard Enay with the title «Fancies and dreams: the postcard». The collection itself is divided into two parts «The women and their veil» … and «what is hidden behind it».

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